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Hi, My name is Dave Andrews, I am 48 years old and a Kit Car Enthusiast. I am the owner of a Robin Hood Sierra 7, this is not dissimilar to a Caterham/Lotus 7 or Westfield, but it uses a Ford Sierra as a donor vehicle. I built the car myself five years ago over a period of six months or so. It is of stainless steel monocoque construction with green GRP. As all kit car owners know, it will never be finished, I am continually modifying and upgrading it. So far it has cost 9000 and around 600 hours toil. I am the Local secretary of the Robin Hood Owners Club and Register for the Beds and Bucks Area and a member of the excellent Sevens internet interest group.

A Robin Hood can be put on the road for a fairly modest sum, as little as 3000, with the average build cost being around 4000. Mine has cost a little more than this as it has a naturally aspirated Cosworth YB engine, C/R BGH gearbox, Cosworth rear end and numerous other mods. It produces around 240 BHP.

I used to work in the Computer industry doing software R&D, but am now modifying and building engines for a living, press here for the DVAPower website

Below is a picture of my car with my wife at the wheel, note the engine is not running - phew! The car has changed a little since this shot was taken.

I have written a number of articles on various subjects which may be some help to people tuning engines or setting up cars, some of these are:-

View Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE/SP Carbs                                  
View Selection and tuning of Dellorto DHLA Carbs
View Selection of modified Camshafts
View How to modify the Pinto Cylinder head
View How to modify ignition timing for modified engines
View How to make a Quickshift for a Ford gearbox
View Oil and Water control for RH7/Pinto
View making and fitting a Brake Pressure Balance valve
Jetting program for Weber DCO and Dellorto DHLA carbs
Gearing program - revs/speeds in gears for Ford/Quaife/BGH Gearboxes
Details of BGH Geartech Gearboxes and contact info
Details of EMERALD M3D EMS and contact info
Details of JENVEY DYNAMICS Throttle bodies and contact info
Rover K series engine development page
Engine management systems explanation and conversions
Link to Exhausts by Design website

There is also some other stuff which may be of interest to hoodies

Car Specification
Some pictures of the Engine installation
Extracts from CCC Walkers Workshop articles featuring the car
Front Suspension setup for Robin Hood kits
Build hints and tips for Robin Hood Kits
Sierra Seven Tiebar design drawing
Drawing of modifcation to Sierra Seven read end for strengthening
Drawing of beam mounting brackets
Drawing of shock absorber mounting brackets
List of RHOCaR Local Area Secretaries
List of Kit Car events UK
Some facts and photos of the build
Some articles reprinted from the RHOCaR Boyz in Hoodz magazine
Links, contacts and 'phone numbers
Unofficial RHOCaR Website (soon to be official)

Some of these are also available on Paul Wilkies Website

Robin Hood Owners Club meetings for the Beds and Bucks area take place on the first Saturday of each month at 5-5.30PM at the Proud Perch Pub, Milton Keynes,to check 01908 322652 Click here for a local map

Click here to Email me      
Click here to Email the RHOCAR chairman Ian Cairns
Click here for Steves Sevens Website and for the Sevens subscriber list
Click here for Emerald Cams website
Click here for DVAPower website


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