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EMERALD  is a specialised company based in South London who manufacture engine mangement systems. Click here to go to Emeralds website. Their offering is called the EMERALD M3D and handles full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on normally aspirated, turbo and nitrous injected engines. Its easy programmability and flexibility in adapting to exisiting engine installations and sensors make it a particularly good choice for people wishing to convert exisiting manufacturers mechanical systems to mapped ignition and or injection. The pricing of the unit is remarkably good and speaking from personal experience, the support both pre and post sales is excellent. It helps that all of the software is free as is telephone support, there are no hidden costs. Emerald are always willing to assist with your engine project and offer expert advice and assistance. Their no bullshit approach  includes a full rolling-road and mapping service if required. Having said that, the software is intuitive to use and DIY mapping is entirely feasible.

The system will take inputs from a number of OE distributor types or from a Lumenition eye. Full distributorless systems are also available to suit the Vauxhall and Ford Zetec crank triggering systems. The system is fully plug compatible with the Rover MEMS system as fitted to the 'K' series Rover unit used in the Caterham seven and Lotus Elise. The software provides 24 speed sites(up to 12000RPM) and 16 load sites with tailorable load site grouping allowing super sensitive mapping around part throttle to improve driveability. The injection software provides the same number of load sites and speed sites, and also allows for cranking enrichment, acceleration fuelling adjustment, cold start correction, water and air temperature correction to both fuelling and ignition settings and Lambda sensor feedback. Map trimming can be done both 'on the fly' - dialling in timing and fuelling settings while the engine is running, or on a download basis, all that is required is a PC with a serial port.

M3D units incorporate a shift light, user tailorable soft and hard cut rev-limiters, tacho drive and tacho tell-tale

Utilities are available to allow import of the map settings to Excel or any other spreadsheet, where the ignition and injection maps can be visually represented as a surface contour, although the maps can be viewed as surface contours within the mapping software itself. This realisation of the maps this allows close examination of all settings on a visual basis. The software is 16 bit Windows based.

Emerald is run by Dave Walker who amongst other things you may know as the Tech Editor of Car and Car Conversions magazine.

I should point out that I have no connection with Emerald whatsoever other than an extremely satisfied customer, who after evaluating other systems and hearing horror stories about costs and mapping problems decided to buy  the M3D, I'm VERY glad I did. Since my initial purchase I have been very happy with the service provided by Emerald and their responses to my queries and suggestions have always been positive. Feedback I have received from owners of other systems has reinforced my belief that the M3D is without doubt the most cost-effective solution on the market.

The system fitted to my car control both ignition mapping and injection using Jenvey throttle bodies and has proved extremely effective.

The installation of the M3D is detailed elsewhere on this site, follow this link.



M3D unit - Basic Ignition only



M3D unit - Basic Ignition only - distributorless



M3D unit - Ignition and injection 'K' plug compatible



M3D unit - Ignition and injection - distributorless



M3D unit - Turbo ignition and injection (int map sensor)    


6 M3D unit - 6 or 8 cylinder ignition only   410.00
7 M3D unit - 6 or 8 cylinder ignition and injection   465.00

All plus VAT & carriage at 9.00 / unit.

All M3D kits include an illustrated 45-page operating manual, wiring loom, ignition amplifier/s, throttle potentiometer  if required (map sensor on turbo systems), magnetic pick-up sensor (distributorless systems) and calibrated water temperature sensor. Some installations will not need the ignition amplifier, this will result in a reduction of 30.

Additional items (optional)

1 Lambda mixture reader kit (includes sensor)       105.00
2 Injector plug with pins and rubber boot          2.50
3 Air temperature sensor         12.00
4 Nitrous Oxide control kit         75.00


Dimensions: height 45mm wWidth 109mm (140mm with mounting lugs) x  l 90mm

Weight: 371g (ecu only)

Max current: 250mA

Input trigger: distributor


Fuel pump relay control - 1 amp max.

Shift-light - 1 amp max. (12w bulb)

Tacho drive - 12v pulsed output (may not work some types of tacho eg. Peugeot 205 gti).

All Ignition-only units can be upgraded to injection at a later date.

Emerald can be reached on      01953 889110

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