Jenvey Dynamics  - 01746 768810  are manufacturers of high quality throttle bodies for use with injection, they are the best in the industry. The throttle bodies available from QED, Lumenition and SBD are of Jenvey manufacture.  Their twin bodies will fit anywhere the equivalent Weber or Dellorto carburettor will fit.

They manufacture 4 basic types of throttle bodies, twin horizontals (TH/TB), similar in form to DCOE Webers/DHLA Dellortos, twin downdraft (TF) similar in form to IDF Webers, twin downdraft (TA) similar in form to IDA Webers and single taper throttle bodies (SF) , which attach either directly to the cylinder head or via a short manifold.

Richard Jenvey is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the throttle bodies are easy and hassle free to buy direct.
Jenvey produce accessories for their throttle body range including manifolds, air horns, linkages, fitting kits etc, as well as other die cast components and accessories for the motorsport industry. I would gladly donate a gonad for one of their excellent aluminium blocks for the Cosworth engine in my seven.

I should point out that I have no connection with Jenvey Dynamics other than as a satisfied customer

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Below is picture of the Jenvey TB bodies as fitted to my engine, they were a direct replacement for the Weber DCO/SPs previously fitted, they even allowed fitment of the original air filters and throttle pot! The shut angle is much better than with Webers which gives finer control of transient throttle.

A selection of Jenvey products

TB Twin body sidedraft 4 TA Twin bodies for V8 4 SF bodies on manifold
TF Twin Body downdraft TH Twin body sidedraft Dual TBs fully dressed